Bespoke training packages and ongoing support

Bridges specialises in integrating self-management support in health and social care settings by working with practitioners and teams through bespoke training and consultancy.

Our training supports practitioners and teams to challenge and enhance their practice in self-management support. We use many different methods to make self-management support work for practitioners and teams in different settings, making it part of everything they do.

Practitioners learn how to integrate Bridges principles of self-management support into their work with patients and families; these include ways to promote problem solving, self-discovery, goal setting, activity, use of resources and creating knowledge together about the best ways to self-manage.



‘You are working with people who have been damaged; physically, emotionally, especially emotions.  You are helping them to believe in themselves that they can do it, that alone is very important, when somebody comes in, they will make you believe ͚Yes, I can do this͛.  I think that is what I found was lacking in some of the staff, but if they can get that, it is really a brilliant thing to have.’

Service user, London

These principles can be used with our self-management tools such as the stroke, brain injury or long term conditions workbooks, and our resources for friends and family. We have worked with teams in acute hospitals, rehabilitation units, community (rehabilitation, social care, voluntary sector) who support people and families living with many different long-term conditions including our work in acute brain injury, poly-trauma, stroke and neurological conditions.

Our training is continually updated to reflect the evolving health policy and evidence-base in self-management support, as well as being informed through findings from our research and development programme and stakeholder feedback.

We meet all of the recommendations in a Health Foundation document about how to implement shared decision making and self-management support.

Our programmes recognise that:

  • People are different, so we tailor interventions
  • People need to be offered a range of support options
  • The use of tools alone is not enough
  • Changing professional roles, behaviours and mind sets is possible
  • Involve the voluntary and community sectors
  • Use a whole systems approach to implementing change
  • Consider sustainability from the outset
  • Incorporat evaluation from the start
  • Offer people a range of support options

Bridges training is usually delivered as a two or three stage process with approximately three months in between workshops that allows for practitioners to implement and reflect on their use of our self-management strategies and tools.

Practitioners and teams who attend the training say:

  • It gives them a structure and evidence-base to what they do
  • They feel more confident to discharge people from their services with less onwards referrals

We also deliver a range of bespoke training packages to suit different teams across the Health and Social care workforce.

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