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Bridges has established a reputation for a unique and high quality whole system approach to self-management support. The majority of our experience is in stroke and rehabilitation teams, who are delivering healthcare to those with some of the most complex disabilities.

We have developed successful training models which are utilised by multi-professional teams working across all areas of health and social care. We incorporate our co-produced resources and tools including our patient-held workbook in stroke, which has been adapted for brain injury and other complex long term conditions.

Uniquely we offer a bespoke tailored service to support health and social care teams to initiate the whole systems changes in their processes and organisation, which is required to enable self-management to be at the heart of all they do.

Our success in stroke has led to demand for our approach to be used in other long term conditions and settings with new commissions across services in acute, community and primary care.

As an integrated approach, Bridges enables self-management support to be sustained through all healthcare interactions, which increases access to groups who often fail to attend traditional groups based self-management programmes. This provides a more efficient model of self-management support, one which is increasingly attractive to health and social care workforce, and commissioners.


Our vision is that self-management support should be accessible to all and we strongly believe our programme addresses significant health, social and economic needs.

Bridges aims to make improvements at scale in the access, equity and efficiency of self-management support (SMS) for patients with different long term conditions. We aim to do this by building on our existing successful model of integrated SMS for stroke survivors which includes co-produced patient-held tools, training for the community health and social care workforce, change management consultancy services and monitoring and evaluation expertise.

Bridges has strong social values incorporated into its constitution including expertise in patient and public involvement and a commitment to reinvest some of its profits to enhance its social aims. At the heart of all we do is understanding the experiences of people living with long-term conditions and our accredited programme has been developed in close consultation with an advisory group containing patients, carers and professionals. In 2013 Bridges won an award given by the UK Stroke Forum for the best example of involving patients in developing a training programme.

As a company limited by shares, to underline our social enterprise principles our Articles of Association contain a 50% asset lock such that we are committed to reinvesting at least 50% of our profits back into the business for furthering our social objectives.


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Big Issue Invest were delighted to provide investment for Bridges Self-Management to support their growth and enable even more people to be reached with their training and workbook offering. Empowering people and helping them to help themselves like Bridges Self-Management does, is an excellent fit with The Big Issue and Big Issue Invest’s own aims and mission. We are excited about the work and potential of Bridges Self-Management and look forward to working with them over the coming years.

Laura West, Investment Manager, Big Issue Invest

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