Self-management tools

Bridges co-produces* unique self-management tools with people living with long-term conditions and their family and friends. They are developed and evaluated as part of our research and development programme before being made available to teams as part of a training package. They are a useful adjunct to clinical practice and provide a structure for self-management support, but the core Bridges approach is how individual practitioners and teams work together towards a common approach to self-management support.



*“Co-production describes a relationship where professionals and
citizens share power to plan and deliver support together,
recognising that both partners have vital contributions to make in
order to improve quality of life for people and communities”
National Co-production critical friends group (2013)

Through the co-production process the content of the self-management tools reflects what
people living with long-term conditions and the information family and friends want to be in

Bridges has co-produced self-management tools for the following conditions:
• Stroke
• Traumatic brain injury
• Long-term neurological conditions

Please note these self-management tools are accessed as part of one of our training packages andare not sold separately.