Our purpose

Bridges makes an impact through our bespoke training and consultancy services, supported by co-produced self-management tools for patients and their families and friends. Practitioners and teams are supported to evaluate and change their practice, to create a shared approach to self-management support through enhancing person-centred care.

The Bridges approach is innovative and evidence-based. We are continually informed by our own programme of research and development and latest policy and evidence for application of self-management support.

We enable health and social care practitioners and teams to support individuals to feel confident to self-manage and less reliant on their services, enhancing the efficiency and impact of their care and rehabilitation.


Our self-management tools for people with stroke, brain injury and other long term conditions represent our values of a person centred approach to effective self-management support. 



By working with health and social care teams to integrate tailored self-management support into their everyday practice, we reach more people living with long term conditions who currently do not access provider or group based self-management programmes.

Bridges has strong social values including expertise in co-production and a commitment to reinvest profits to enhance its social aims.